Here we go

Before we tell you about our startup, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you. We are two old friends Maia Omiadze and Ani Nikolaishvili, apart from having very busy and responsible jobs that of course require a lot of time and energy, we also have another profession - motherhood. Therefore, like other parents, we are often wondering where did our children’s newly bought sportswear go, or how did the things that don’t belong to our kids manage to end up in their school bags?!
You’ll probably agree, that combining these two responsible professions take a huge effort and patience from mothers, who were facing many tiny, unforeseen obstacles along the way.
Solving these kind of problems turned out to be more simple than we thought before creating “Visia”.
And after finding a great solution our story continued like a fairytale:
Once upon a time…
There were two Friends Ani and Maiko, who had children with unique talent : losing their belongings and bringing home other children’s things.
Mothers have tried changing their children’s “Gifts” many times; they even sew extra buttons on school uniforms and marked clothes with colorful threads - but nothing seemed to work on their talent of losing and mixing things up.
After a while they came up with a wonderful idea, that changed Ani’s, Maiko’s, ther children’s and even lost things’ lives for good.
Now it’s time for the happy mothers to help other parents out in avoiding the troubles of lost things.
That is why “Visia” was created. Individual stickers show children which things belong to them and which don’t. It is also a unique platform for children and their parents to spend more quality time together, because creating the sticker package is such an easy, fun and useful work to do!
So from now on everybody can live happily ever after.
The End.