How to apply stickers on different things:


On Clothes

Put a sticker on the clothes, then put parchment paper upon a sticker and put a hot iron on it.
Remove the iron after a few seconds and take parchment paper off the sticker


On footwear

Put a sticker inside the footwear and stick a laminate (that goes with the sticker) on it.


On different objects:

This kind of stickers stick on the objects very easily:
Just remove the protective layer off the sticker and put the sticker on the object.


Parents and children:

“Visia” stickers do not contain any harmful chemicals and are absolutely harmless.


For what can I use the stickers?

You can apply the stickers to anything - things for school, clothes, footwear, bags, phones, laptops and etc.

What is the difference between colored and white stickers?

White stickers should be applied only to clothes as they stick to the cloth and can withstand the washing. The colored stickers, on the other hand, should be applied to the surface that is not being washed.

Can I have stickers with different colors in one package?

You can only choose one color and one icon per package. All stickers will be the same color, except for the stickers for clothes.

Can I switch the color of the stickers for clothes?

Unlike the other stickers, the standard color for clothes’ stickers is white. You will not be able to choose color - the background will come in white and the letters will be the color of your choice.

How safe are the stickers for health?

“Visia” stickers DO NOT contain any harmful chemicals, therefore they are completely harmless

On what degree should I wash the clothes that have stickers on them?

We recommend washing the clothes at 30°C.

Can the sticker come off the clothes after being washed frequently?

If you follow given instructions, the stickers will apply to clothes solidly. Therefore there will be no risk of coming off.

What will happen if we don’t apply the laminate to footwear stickers?

If not laminated, the sticker may get discolored and come off the surface.

Do you have a shop?

At this point we don’t have the shop. You can purchase stickers only via our online platform.

How long does it take to get stickers after purchasing?

In Tbilisi :
You’ll get your package at the specified address in 4 days after purchasing
In regions:
You’ll get your package at the specified address in 6 days after purchasing